Colonial Combat: NEW Intro FMV, improvements

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Colonial Combat:
NEW Intro FMV, various improvements

     Although development for Colonial Combat is on a temporary/seasonal hiatus for the Christmas/New Year season (especially since our artist is currently on Winter Break and not a graduate yet), some work on the project has been going on under the hood/behind the scenes. Colonial Combat is not a dead hobo yet! Since the last post, various improvements have been made to the menus and the overall fight system (especially w.r.t. to the HUD and messages):

  • Bonus FMV, BGM, SFX, and Vox tests in options (unlockable after finishing all Stories)
  • Character Select screen now shows player stats
  • Colored/improved health bar and timer
  • "Excellent!", "A+ality!", "Flawless Victory!", "Finish him/her/it!" vocals and text added to fight system
  • Slow mo A+alities
  • 3D Disco Ball effect in WIP Student Financial Services level
 Video of changes

   Furthermore, we've added a newer, improved Intro FMV for the game, now with more Mortal Kombat parody. (Clips are mostly placeholders, until more levels and characters are developed.)

 NEW Intro FMV

More developments to be shown as they
increase in substantiality and as they come!



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