Colonial Combat: RoBo, Cafe & John Jay levels

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Colonial Combat: RoBo, Cafe & John Jay levels

    It has been since February (almost 3 months) since the last update on Colonial Combat. Recently, our artist for Colonial Combat has finally finished the art for the RoMo's Café and John Jay levels, and also a new spritesheet for the RoBot Morris character!

Brief list of changes since the last update in February:

  • All FMVs have been remastered
  • Level select icons have been given high-resolution ones
  • Unlockable cheats have been added to the Options screen
  • Haduokens change color to the player's
  • Addition of RoBo character spritesheet
  • Addition of RoMo's Cafe level/FMV 
    • In level, a food fight mob throws popcorn and banana peels at you
    • You can slip and fall on the banana peels
  • Addition of John Jay level/FMV
    • Level has side OOB areas which can defeat the player (similar to Street level)
    • Plain, flat, simple level
Shown below are some videos of the new levels and of RoBot Morris

With our artist going on summer break soon, after 6 months of work on Colonial Combat, the next update (should) be a release of our first public beta build!



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