Colonial Combat progress: New Characters (Part I)

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Colonial Combat progress: New Characters (Part I)

    Hot off of the heels of a 1st, public, v0.1b demo build of Colonial Combat, development is now resuming in order to finish the game development this summer 2016! We have listened to the feedback for the demo from various friends and beta testers, and will be working hard to improve/fix the issues and finally finish Colonial Combat!

     Since the previous build and video previews of the game development, in the current working build, the spritesheets of 3 new characters have been added (instead of the placeholder RoMo art): Freddy the Fratboy, Tony Ki, and the College President. Each character has a character stance similar to the equivalent ones for RoMo's sprites, while other stances have very different ones (for example, the President's Standing-Heavy attack is his infamous spin-kick attack as seen in the Nicholson Bell Tower story mode FMV). Each stance has the same collision box positioning, however, due to each stance mostly following the same movement as the universal Mechanim asset for the global character prefab.

  Not only have we added these 3 characters' art, but we have dramatically improved the physics of the fighting for the game. A common complaint from players/beta testers was how the computer opponent could chase and corner the human player into a wall and attack the human to defeat, with the human having little to no defense against the ambush. To counter-defend against such an ambush, the fighting engine has been tweaked such that a player receiving any sort of damage would give him temporary invulnerability. This invulnerability, similar to that when Sonic gets hit by badniks/obstacles in the classic Sonic the Hedgehog series for the Sega Genesis, lasts 1.0f seconds, causes the player to blink, and allows him to ghost through the opponent, thus evading getting cornered into a wall.

    Another common complaint was how players and moving objects could move too fast and clip through level geometry. This bug would often occur due to certain attacks or Bouncy level geometry Physics Materials applying too much Newton's 3rd-Law force and flinging the player/object with high speed. Due to all levels having invisible Out-of-Bounds objects, upon being flung by too much force, the player would either touch the OOB objects and get defeated, or worse, fly past those objects and float away into empty space. Although not shown in the video below, this bug has been fixed by applying a speed cap to all character/objects. By slowing down the player/objects, the clipping has (mostly) been reduced.

   Two enhancements since the demo build are the inclusion of more vocal and textual events with the fighting engine's announcer and message components in Story Mode. When the time limit match feature is enabled for fights in Story Mode and the time limit has just turned red (meaning that only 33% of time is left), the announcer will now say/display in a message either "You are winning!" or "You are losing!" based upon whether the human player has higher health. Furthermore, when the enemy is defeated, the announcer will say/display in a message "You have defeated [name of opponent's character]!"

Video of new characters and engine improvements

 Stay tuned for other developments this summer as we finish Colonial Combat!


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