Colonial Combat progress: New Characters (Part II)

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Colonial Combat progress: New Characters (Part II)

     Development on finally finishing this summer Colonial Combat, the satirical fighting video game about surviving college, is still ongoing. After only one week of development (3-5 hours of actual time worked on it, to be exact), 3 more character spritesheets have been added to the game to replace the default RoMo sprites for the characters. Moreover, some minor level geometry changes have been made to fix sprite priority and collision issues. Specifically, the characters of the Basketball Player, the Ghost of Benedict Arnold, and of the Nursing Student have been completed. All that is left are the Football Player, the Tuition Bill, and the Final Exam character art to be completed, as well as the Massey Garden and Business Building levels to be completed before the entire project is wrapped up!

Video of progress

Stay tuned in July for the finishing of the remaining characters, of the remaining levels, and hopefully very soon, an v1.0 public release of the game (with source code and technical documents)!



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