Colonial Combat: Massey Garden Level

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Colonial Combat: Massey Garden Level

     It has been since April since Team Colonial has worked on finishing the last 2 levels of Colonial Combat. Since that time, we have been working on finishing the character art. Currently, we have 12/14 (85.71%) of the artwork done. Recently, we have completed the Massey Garden level and FMV!

    To summarize the FMV story for Massey Garden, after defeating the Head of Engineering (who turned into a dragon) and allowing him to transform back into himself, he tells Yuu that he does not have Da Powa to fix your class schedule with the time conflict between two classes (as shown in the John Jay and previous FMVs in the cheesy Story Mode). According to the administrative Regime, only his Holiness, the College President, has Da Powa to fix your class schedule. Yuu must travel to the College President's evil castle in Massey Garden to beg His Holiness' help to fix the schedule, but must avoid the President's evil undead college student hobo zombie army along the path. Few have traveled to his castle and have lived to tell the tale!

   It is revealed through foreshadowing that the College President is waiting and watching for Yuu (through CCTV surveillance), and orders Robot Morris to assassinate Yuu. Yuu encounters and battles 4 hobos in an epic fight, and then climbs up a mountain to get to Massey Garden. There, 4 more hobos magically appear out of the ground, and Robot Morris falls out of the sky! Yuu must defeat them and then battle the College President in his evil castle (in the next level/FMV) in order to fix your class schedule, or face defeat as a hobo!

    For the gameplay of the Massey Garden level, you fight Robot Morris and 4 hobos. These hobos act mostly like CPU opponents, but defeating them is not required to earn points to finish the fight. The level has OOB areas on the sides. Also shown in the development video below are the sprites for the new Hobo character, new icons above the players' heads (showing the player type), and showing the hobos placed in the Colonial America level.

Video of Massey Garden
and new features

There are only one more level/FMV (Business Building for Yuu vs. College President) and two more character spritesheets to finish (Final Exam and Tuition Bill) before the crux of the game development is finished! After that, all that is needed is some polishing and optimization of the code, and the game should be finally released with a v1.0 release!

Stay tuned for more development!


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