Colonial Combat dev progress: Business Building

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Colonial Combat dev progress:
Business Building

  The final level, the Business Building, and its Story Mode FMV for Colonial Combat, the satirical, melodramatic fighting video game about surviving college and not dying as a hobo, has been completed! In the climatic FMV for the Story Mode, the protagonist, Yuu, bets to fight the College President in a match of Colonial Combat. If Yuu wins, the College President will fix his schedule; otherwise, the College President will use his evil black magic to transform Yuu into a member of the College President's undead college student hobo zombie army! This is it, the final showdown, which will determine if Yuu survives college or flunks out as a hobo!

   The level geometry for the Business Building level is similar to that of Massey Garden, with a flat area surrounded by deadly OOB. You must fight your opponent while avoiding the OOB and security drones, which launch lasers towards the players!


  Will all of the levels done, all that is left to complete the game for a final v1.0 release is to fix some bugs and polish some features. Expect a release in the coming week, the week afterwards, or mid-to-late August 2016 at the latest!



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