Colonial Combat dev progress: The Finishing Touches

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Colonial Combat dev progress: The Finishing Touches

   Colonial Combat, the satirical fighting video game about surviving at a certain college, is currently 98% completed ! Everything is now completed and ready for a v1.0 PC release, except for finalizing the Credits FMV, and cleaning up the source code, assets, and technical documents. You should expect the release to come out this week, with a v1.0 Android port coming shortly after!

Since the previous dev blog post/video, a lot of work has been put into cleaning up some bugs, adding a new unlockable Hobo Mode gameplay type, adding more features and cheats into the unlockable bonus section of the Options menu, and in a creating an  on-screen touch controller for Android.

Various bug fixes/improvements show in the dev video below include:
  • Allowing the player to skip/continue the Credits FMV in the MainMenu and other FMVs from the Options' FMV theater
  • Fixing the randomization button in the Character Select Screen
  • Adding the Hobo character to the CharSel screen
  • Allowing players to no longer get frozen after being knocked down (especially by banana objects in Cafe level)
  • Allowing more responsiveness in aerial attacks, and allowing the attacks to last their entire animation
  • Disabling collision between hobos and collision between hobos/players when hobos are defeated, various stability fixes for both humans, and CPUs/Hobos to prevent actions when they aren't allowed
  • Preventing player from pausing game when round is starting/ending, and when match is ending
  • Allowed music to speed up during the pinch of the match
  • Add Android on-screen controller for future Android port

New features/cheats in the Options' unlockable Bonus section:
  • Populated all data for FMV Theater, and BGM, SFX, and Vox sounds tests
  • Added animation viewer for each character and their actions (with sounds)
  • Finished coding features for Rocketman cheat
  • Added HoboCam cheat (allows zoom extents for camera for hobos in Hobo Mode)

Added Hobo Mode:
  • Functionality the same as Massey Garden level
  • Select your player, an opponent, and 4 hobo players to fight against!
  • Defeating the CPU earns you a point. Defeating other hobos is recommend, but optional

 I am very excited to finish off this game! Stay tuned for the v1.0 PC release of the game this week, and for the coming Android port!



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