Colonial Combat: v1.0 Release (Phase I/III)

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Colonial Combat: V1.0 Release (Phase I/III)

 It's taken almost exactly one year of development, but the v1.0 release of Colonial Combat, the satirical, comedic video game about literally fighting the academic system in order to obtain and earn a Bachelor's Degree at a certain institution, is finally here! You can download the release (for Windows 7 machines and newer, both 32-bit and 64-bit OS flavors) at the Colonial Combat project page. It is a self-extracting archive, and includes the 32 and 64-bit executables (and data), a User's Manual, and Credits information. It has been a hard, but challenging and fun experience creating this game, and, IMHO, has been my greatest and largest video game project to date. 

   This blog post is Phase I of III of the release; phase I being releasing the game itself for Windows 7 32 & 64-bits. Phase II, planned to be completed in September 2016, is to add the additional game code to handle an Android Port, to publish the port to EagleSoft Ltd's Google Play account, to fix user-reported bugs/complaints in a v1.1 PC and Android release, and to cleanup/optimize game code. Phase III, planned to be completed hopefully by late September/early October, is to release the source code of the game in its entirety.

Enjoy the awesome video game, and stay tuned to release Phases II & III this September and October!

-Tamkis (celebrating with a diet root beer)


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