Colonial Combat v1.1 Release!

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Colonial Combat v1.1 Release!

  Colonial Combat v1.1, the satirical fighting game about surviving at a university, was released this weekend! Version 1.1 is a small bug fix for a few bugs that were discovered after v1.0, and has also been specifically created as a submission to SAGE 2016! The hadouken attack can now be used after one round (the hadouken would previously not respawn after one round, due to a bug), and the Tuition Bill character's stats have been lowered, due to him being too difficult as the first opponent in Story Mode. Furthermore, the user's manual has been improved and elaborated on, and the known bugs documented. You can download the latest build at the project page.

    There are still a few hard-to-fix, big bugs in the game, which will be fixed in the final v1.2 build, probably in October. This v1.2 build will include optimized code, a source code release, and an Android port! Although an Android port was planned for this v1.1 release, after testing the Android specific code I wrote on an Android emulator, nothing worked as intended. The on-screen control pad I created was nonfunctional (probably due to relying on a non Unity3D C# library code), movement with a virtual hardware keyboard was glitchy, and the Android-specific code for fullscreen FMV playback using Android's video player was not working. The unsigned Android build will be delayed until the v1.2 build, and the signed build for Google Play will be delayed later due to the wait it takes for apps to get approved in the Google Play Store.

Stay tuned for that v1.2 source code release, and Android ports!


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