Colonial Combat: Story Part I and AI!

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Colonial Combat: Story Part I & AI!

            Team Colonial has finally added FMV videos into the currently finished levels (Training, Braddock, Street, Gym, and Lawn). No video for Bell Tower yet, due to 3D Movie Maker corrupting the awesome fight scene file I was working for it ;_; . The game now has a semi-intelligent AI, so the game now has a challenge for battles against the CPU!

Check out the video of our progress below!

Colonial Combat: Thanksgiving beta build!

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Colonial Combat: Thanksgiving beta build!

  A lot of development has taken place since our first post/official, public announcement of the development of Colonial Combat (Halloween 2015). For this beta build for Thanksgiving 2015, we present more options, improved Character Select and Level Select screens, all of RoMo's sprites, a total of 6 levels (Training, Braddock, Street, Sewall Gym, Nicholson Lawn, and Bell Tower), and more FMVs (Intro and Credits)!

Check out the video below!
Playable demo coming sometime 2016!


Sonic CD Breakout: Demo #3 RELEASE!

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Ho ho ho! Finally! It's here,
DEMO #3 of Sonic CD Breakout, just in time for Christmas 2015 and SAGE 2015!

    This demo has been in the works for 2 years (since 2013), and is finally ready for a release! To summarize the changes, bugs were squashed, two new zones were created (Desert Dazzle Zone and Quartz Quadrant Zone), 3 special stages were created, and time zone based backgrounds and borders were created for all levels. What is Sonic CD Breakout? It's a Sonic fan game, which is a Sonic CD themed breakout clone, using the BreakGOLD game engine as a total-conversion. For more information about the fan game project, see this page. The latest demo can always be downloaded from that page. READ the readme in order to learn how to install the game, because some "assembly" is required.

This demo #3 is planned to be released for SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) 2015 Act :)! Will created a post announcing when it has been submitted and hosted at the expo
Demo #3 Release Video

Enjoy! C&CC welcomed!

Colonial Combat preview!

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EagleSoft Ltd presents...

Colonial Combat!

     Although EagleSoft Ltd has been on hiatus for fall 2015 (due to a laptop dying and university work), EagleSoft Ltd is proud to announce its new video game project, Colonial Combat! Colonial Combat is the new, exciting, retro-styled, 1-vs-1, 2D, Unity3D fighting game, loosely based off Robert Morris (the historical figure and the university). It is a graded software engineering project. The gameplay is styled after Virtua Fighter, but 2D. Full details about the project can be found at its project page.

    Shown in the video below are the menus, characters, levels, and basic fighting system. Much more is needed to be done, including finishing character sprites and rigging more collision boxes, but the main system is there and working. Stay tuned for more developments on the project at this blog!

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