Colonial Combat: v0.1b Public Release!

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Colonial Combat: v0.1b Public Release!

    Colonial Combat, the satirical fighting video game with tongue-out-of-cheek humor about Robert Morris University, campus life, and the struggles of students against the financially oppressive higher education system in the United States, has been in development for quite some time. The project was first started by Joshua Palmer (co-developer of Ultra Air Hockey DX) as a tech demo for a school project in Spring 2015, and then taken up by New Team Colonial for yet another class project in Fall 2015. Although my team received an "A" for the project, which we overhauled and added tons of new levels and characters, at the end of the class for a much better demo build, surprisingly, the artist for the project took up making art for the game as a for-credit internship in Spring 2016.

   After about 6+months of work, EagleSoft Ltd is proud to present to the public a v0.1b demo of Colonial Combat! Due to the artist now on summer break (and me being graduated from college since December 2015), and not knowing if the artist will be working on this project for fun after classwork, I figured it would be best to release this demo now instead of letting the game and all of its hard work rot on my hard drive, in case we don't ever work on it again due to real-world commitments. The main game engine is finalized, and all that is left to finish the game are for the artist to draw the rest of the character skins and art for two more levels, and for me to finish FMVs for the remaining levels, if we do indeed pick up the project to finish it. I am also considering uploading the source code of the project and its assets to GitHub next week to showcase my coding skills, talents, and technical writing skills to employers.

Included in this release:

  • Levels
    • Training
    • Braddock Rez Hall
    • Street
    • Sewall Gym
    • Nicholson Lawn
    • RoMo's Cafe
    • Student Financial Services
    • John Jay
    • Nicholson Bell Tower
    • Colonial America (incomplete)
    • Test Level
  • Characters
    • RoMo
    • RoBo
    • Null
    • (All other characters default to RoMo skin, but different stats are applied    
  You can download the demo at the Colonial Combat project page for 32-bit and 64-bit Windows 7 machines (make sure to read the included manual)! Enjoy!


Socket the Hedgeduck Progress: High Speed Zone 1

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Socket the HedgeDuck Progress: High Speed Zone 1

Progress is still churning along on the Socket the HedgeDuck ROM hack, an advanced Sonic 1 hack with Socket/Time Dominator levels and assets! Recently, I've added a new special stage feature, where Big Rings now take you to normal platforming levels (High Speed Zone acts) instead of stock Sonic 1 special stages. If you complete the level (hit the signpost), you are awarded a Chaos Emerald and shown the SS Results Screen, while if you die in the level, you are just shown the SS Results screen. Both actions will then return you back to the next level in the normal playthrough sequence. Also added are some more animated objects for HSZ, and diagonal springs!

More news as features and levels are developed!


New Dreamcast Section!

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New Dreamcast Section!

 As revealed back during my Birthday Bash, I recently picked up a working Sega Dreamcast, both to play old classics and homebrew and for future homebrew development. Not only that, but I finally received last Wednesday my Dreamcast SD adapter from China! It works very well with my SDHC Card and with DreamShell (although the adapter chassis did receive some damage in transit)! I should have a quick video review of the device once I bootup my Nerdology YouTube show.

 Although it will be some time until I tinker around with Dreamcast development (I have too many other ongoing and unfinished software projects I would like to wrap up first), a new Dreamcast section has been added to the website.


Socket the Hedgeduck progress: EFZ

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Socket the Hedgeduck progress: EFZ

  It's been about a month since I have worked on "Socket the Hedgeduck", but today I have a short preview of Emerald Forest Zone (EFZ), Acts 1 and 2. Act 1 is a relatively short, simple level, while Act 2 is a maze with some hidden passages. Both have some challenging sections. Also, I am beginning to fix some user bugs and design issues including having better Socket music ports and other bug fixes

Pics n' vids

  More progress coming soon!

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