Domain renewed

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Domain renewed!

   On  February 25, 2015, EagleSoft Ltd moved its old Google Sites website to its present-day custom domain ( Recently, we also moved the EagleSoft Ltd blog (EagleSoft Labs) from its old domain to a custom, sub-domain ( The purchase of the domain was for a year; therefore, it will expire on February 25, 2016 (in a few days). The domain has been renewed for this 2016 year, meaning another fun year of both old and new content!


Colonial Combat: Colonial America, Student Financial Services

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Colonial Combat: Colonial America/animated art

   Team Colonial has (mostly) finished the (*spoiler*) secret, unlockable Colonial America level! It has a secret pipe room, will have undead college student hobo zombies in that area, a POW block (to defeat the undead hobos), and cannons which will launch hedgehogs! Not only that, but we have added animated objects to the rest of the game.

Video preview below

   But wait! There's more! We have also finished the Student Financial Services level and the corresponding story FMV for the level!

Video preview below
More coming soon!
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