Thwimp v1.2 Update!

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Thwimp v1.2 Update!

 Thwimp, the modification utility which allows one to view, to rip, and to encode Nintendo THP video files from/for Mario Kart Wii, has been updated to v1.2 today! This new update fixes, enhances, and adds the following (summary):

Bug fixes:

  • Fixed serious, application-breaking bug where pointing to a real i_view32.exe IrfanView executable would cause the THP Encoder process to fail.
  • Optimized THP encoding, especially when handling videos requiring dummy/control padding.
  • Fixed error parsing String datatype into Single datatype when in a foreign culture.
  • Fixed KeepInRange() function parsing bugs.
  • Fixed lingering file I/O from StreamReaders/Writers.  


  • Added an additional dummy entry as 0th entry in default Mario Kart Wii data fileset
  • Enhanced and improved GUI.
  • Added new Thwimp CLI feature!
  • Enhanced THP Viewer/Ripper
  • Added new options
    • Full Log
      • Logs everything (include call to FOSS co-utilities) to the Logger 
    • Less MsgBox
      • Suppress informational MsgBoxes when using the THP Encoder
    • Audio
      • Enable audio
    • Elevator Music 
      • Enable elevator music (plays a song when using the THP Encoder)
  • Added FileSet.txt to Thwimp data fileset (displays metadata about currently loaded fileset)
  • Added ability to load/save settings to/from an INI file
  • Added audio to application
  • Added progress bars/application logger

Furthermore, the user's manual (on the Github page) has been updated with updated images and information

  You can view the recent GUI changes and new CLI feature in the following videos:

   Download and full changelog available on the release page



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