Colonial Combat: v1.0 Release (Phase I/III)

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Colonial Combat: V1.0 Release (Phase I/III)

 It's taken almost exactly one year of development, but the v1.0 release of Colonial Combat, the satirical, comedic video game about literally fighting the academic system in order to obtain and earn a Bachelor's Degree at a certain institution, is finally here! You can download the release (for Windows 7 machines and newer, both 32-bit and 64-bit OS flavors) at the Colonial Combat project page. It is a self-extracting archive, and includes the 32 and 64-bit executables (and data), a User's Manual, and Credits information. It has been a hard, but challenging and fun experience creating this game, and, IMHO, has been my greatest and largest video game project to date. 

   This blog post is Phase I of III of the release; phase I being releasing the game itself for Windows 7 32 & 64-bits. Phase II, planned to be completed in September 2016, is to add the additional game code to handle an Android Port, to publish the port to EagleSoft Ltd's Google Play account, to fix user-reported bugs/complaints in a v1.1 PC and Android release, and to cleanup/optimize game code. Phase III, planned to be completed hopefully by late September/early October, is to release the source code of the game in its entirety.

Enjoy the awesome video game, and stay tuned to release Phases II & III this September and October!

-Tamkis (celebrating with a diet root beer)

Colonial Combat dev progress: The Finishing Touches

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Colonial Combat dev progress: The Finishing Touches

   Colonial Combat, the satirical fighting video game about surviving at a certain college, is currently 98% completed ! Everything is now completed and ready for a v1.0 PC release, except for finalizing the Credits FMV, and cleaning up the source code, assets, and technical documents. You should expect the release to come out this week, with a v1.0 Android port coming shortly after!

Since the previous dev blog post/video, a lot of work has been put into cleaning up some bugs, adding a new unlockable Hobo Mode gameplay type, adding more features and cheats into the unlockable bonus section of the Options menu, and in a creating an  on-screen touch controller for Android.

Various bug fixes/improvements show in the dev video below include:
  • Allowing the player to skip/continue the Credits FMV in the MainMenu and other FMVs from the Options' FMV theater
  • Fixing the randomization button in the Character Select Screen
  • Adding the Hobo character to the CharSel screen
  • Allowing players to no longer get frozen after being knocked down (especially by banana objects in Cafe level)
  • Allowing more responsiveness in aerial attacks, and allowing the attacks to last their entire animation
  • Disabling collision between hobos and collision between hobos/players when hobos are defeated, various stability fixes for both humans, and CPUs/Hobos to prevent actions when they aren't allowed
  • Preventing player from pausing game when round is starting/ending, and when match is ending
  • Allowed music to speed up during the pinch of the match
  • Add Android on-screen controller for future Android port

New features/cheats in the Options' unlockable Bonus section:
  • Populated all data for FMV Theater, and BGM, SFX, and Vox sounds tests
  • Added animation viewer for each character and their actions (with sounds)
  • Finished coding features for Rocketman cheat
  • Added HoboCam cheat (allows zoom extents for camera for hobos in Hobo Mode)

Added Hobo Mode:
  • Functionality the same as Massey Garden level
  • Select your player, an opponent, and 4 hobo players to fight against!
  • Defeating the CPU earns you a point. Defeating other hobos is recommend, but optional

 I am very excited to finish off this game! Stay tuned for the v1.0 PC release of the game this week, and for the coming Android port!


Colonial Combat dev progress: Business Building

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Colonial Combat dev progress:
Business Building

  The final level, the Business Building, and its Story Mode FMV for Colonial Combat, the satirical, melodramatic fighting video game about surviving college and not dying as a hobo, has been completed! In the climatic FMV for the Story Mode, the protagonist, Yuu, bets to fight the College President in a match of Colonial Combat. If Yuu wins, the College President will fix his schedule; otherwise, the College President will use his evil black magic to transform Yuu into a member of the College President's undead college student hobo zombie army! This is it, the final showdown, which will determine if Yuu survives college or flunks out as a hobo!

   The level geometry for the Business Building level is similar to that of Massey Garden, with a flat area surrounded by deadly OOB. You must fight your opponent while avoiding the OOB and security drones, which launch lasers towards the players!


  Will all of the levels done, all that is left to complete the game for a final v1.0 release is to fix some bugs and polish some features. Expect a release in the coming week, the week afterwards, or mid-to-late August 2016 at the latest!


Socket the Hedgeduck: v0.2 Release

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Socket the Hedgeduck: v0.2 Release
    A ton of work has been done on Socket the Hedgeduck, a Sonic 1 mod for the Sega Genesis using Socket/Time Dominator levels and assets, since its first v0.1 demo build in April. Mostly bug fixes, new levels, and improvements have been made to the mod since then. A new v0.2 demo is now released on both the website and now on Steam, as a Steam Workshop item for the Sega Mega Drive and Genesis Classics collection for the Sonic 1 DLC. You can download the mod either as a patch or for Steam at the links at the project page, and see the changelog there.

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