The Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 is here!

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The Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 is here!

   The Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 is starting this week, and will be running from this Monday to this Sunday, November 7-13 2016! What is the Sonic Hacking Contest, you ask? For those who don't know, to summarize the event, it's an annual event where various members from the Sonic the Hedgehog ROM hacking communities submit and showcase their Sonic the Hedgehog video game ROM hacks in order to compete for trophies and for publicity. The normal trophies are decided by and selected by a board of judges, while the community trophies are decided by public vote. Full details about this year's contest on the hacking contest website's about page, and at the Contest's SSRG thread.

   There are a whopping 54 entries this year for the contest! Come join the fun this week at the contest website, where the hacks will be made publicly available for play on Monday, where there will be streams of this year's ROM hacks, and where other various fun activities will take place during the week! I submitted my own v0.3 demo of Socket the Hedgeduck for this year's contest; we'll see how it does.

Let the fun begin!

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