Socket the Hedgeduck progress: Stone Age Zone

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Socket the Hedgeduck Progress:
Stone Age Zone

I'm still chipping away at progress on the Socket the HedgeDuck ROM hack, an advanced Sonic 1 hack with Socket/Time Dominator levels and assets! Stone Age Zone (SAZ) acts 1 & 2 have recently been worked on, with a few unique object gimmicks created. Bridges in this zone can be destroyed by pressing buttons, lava geysers fly up from the lava, and OOZ Balls in this zone are destroyable and painful. The acts are mostly working, albeit with a few minor VRAM issues and bugs that need fixed.

Video of SAZ1 & 2

After finishing SAZ3, fixing some bugs in my bug/todo list backlog, and adding some minor game improvements, a demo v0.2 should be available soon this summer! Stay tuned for more progress at SSRG and at the blog.
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