XBandPi NOOBS Compatible image released! (v1.23/v1.7 DLE)

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Compatible image released!
(v1.23/v1.7 DLE)

DreamPi DX NOOBS-compatible image updated! (v1.22/v1.7 DLE)

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DreamPi DX

image updated! (v1.22/v1.7 DLE)

      During 2020, I released an update for my DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image (v1.21) for Raspberry Pi for the Sega Dreamcast, built against v1.7 DLE stock image.

      A DreamPi is a customized Linux distro and a set of hardware created by a fellow named "Kazade" which will create a simplified dialup network server in order to get a Sega Dreamcast back online for web surfing and online gaming. The DreamPi is a standardized Raspberry Pi setup with dialup hardware and appropriate software to suit. Online gaming is handled via resurrected, private game servers. The stock DreamPi image is one which must be written to the entire SD card of the Raspberry Pi, and thus doesn't easily allow a multi-boot setup with other Linux distros on the same SD card. This DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image is compatible with NOOBS or PINN bootloaders. NOOBS is a simple bootloader which allows one to install NOOBS-compatible distro images in such a way as to allow for a simple multi-boot configuration, while PINN is an enhanced version of NOOBS. PINN fixes some design flaws and adds new useful, convenient features. PINN is highly recommended over NOOBS.

  The DreamPi NOOBS compatible image works with both NOOBS and PINN, and allows one to install a DreamPi distro with others in a multi-boot configuration. During 2020, the DreamPi NOOBS image was upgraded against v1.7 DLE, a few new online games were added to the supported games list within the installation slideshow, and online repository support was added to allow installing DreamPi NOOBS via the internet (PINN support only).

Since my older v1.7 DLE NOOBS image (v1.21) was released, 1 new game has had their online support resurrected:
Dee Dee Planet gameplay
   I have updated the DreamPi NOOBS-compatible image to v1.22 . This and future builds will be called DreamPi DX (Deluxe) going forward henceforth, and will have community made code patches pre-installed. These patches will further enhance DreamPi with newer features and quality-of-life improvements. This latest build adds better functionality for Dreamcast BBA (Broadband) modem support and Sega Saturn Netlink/XBAND modem online gameplay.

Sega Saturn Netlink modem review

Changelog (DreamPi DX NOOBS v1.22/v1.7 DLE):
  • First DreamPi NOOBS DX Image release (addons to stock DreamPi image)
  • Separate image flavors
    • "DreamPi4 DX" for newer Raspberry Pi models (RPi 4 and newer)
    • "DreamPi" for older Raspberry Pi models

  • Patch addons
    • DreamPi Netlink Tunneler for Netlink (Sega Saturn)
    • Dreamcast Now for BBA
      • Allows DreamPi to appear on Dreamcast Now service when using a BBA connection
      • DC Now BBA patch thread
      • Usage
        • Login in to DreamPi, run
          . /home/pi/dreampi/dreampi_now.ksh
        • Select the game ID

    • Wi-Fi to Ethernet bridge (BBA)
      • If the DreamPi is using WiFi connection for internet and Dreamcast is using a BBA, allows to repeat/bridge highspeed broadband connection to the Dreamcast
      • WiFi/Ethernet bridge patch thread
      • Usage
        • Login into DreamPi
        • Run
          . /home/pi/wifi-to-eth-route.sh

  • Updated installation slideshow
    • Added new slides detailing information on the DX patch addons
    • Added new slides on information for Xrider's BBA conversion kit
    • Added new slide for information
    • Updated slides with latest game listing support (Dee Dee Planet)

     You can download the latest DreamPi NOOBS compatible image (for offline install) and read the guide at this EagleSoft page. The latest version can also be installed online as usual through the Tamkis NOOBS Repo; just add the line alt_image_source=http://raw.githubusercontent.com/Tamk1s/Tamkis_NOOBS_Repo/main/os_list_v3.json to your recovery.cmdline file at the root of your PINN installation and connect online. The images will be located under "Games" tab.
Download support through
Tamkis NOOBS Repo
    For those whom want faster internet speeds and bandwidth on their Sega Dreamcast but cannot afford the rare and expensive BBA (Broadband) adapter, you can purchase and build yourself a DIY BBA Adapter using Xrider's Conversion Kit (RetroRGB article, Dreamcast Talk thread). Just salvage a G2 bus connector from an old Dreamcast dial-up modem, purchase Xrider's kit, find an Atomiswave Communication Cartridge, and solder it all together. The Sega Sammy Atomiswave was an awesome arcade version of the Sega Dreamcast with similiar hardware, more RAM, and a Broadband modem variant built-in (the Atomiswave Communication Cartridge). If you are feeling adventurous, you could also hack up both a Dreamcast dial-up modem and the DIY BBA modem together for a combo modem to have the best of both worlds without swapping out modems. (Both the dial-up and BBA modems handle different sets of games.)
DIY BBA Kit contents
 DIY Sega Dreamcast BBA
Converter kit tutorial

     Have fun playing online on Sega Saturn (Netlink/XBAND) gaming, and on the Sega Dreamcast with high-speed broadband internet access
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