Knuckles' Clackers: Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 demo release (v0.2c)!

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 Knuckles' Clackers:
Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 demo release (v0.2c)!

    A new build of Knuckles' Clackers has been released (v0.2c demo) and was submitted to this year's Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 and Bitbridge Halloween Showcase 2023! Knuckles' Clackers is an award-winning, major Knuckles' Chaotix ROM hack for the almighty Sega Genesis 32x. The game mod features new zones, new music, new artwork, code edits, engine bugfixes, and restored Knuckles' Chaotix/Sonic Crackers beta content.

    Build v0.2c demo is an accumulative update from the v0.11b Demo. It features new music, more polish, new artwork, a few new custom objects, and other code edits. Most importantly it features a new Techno Tower Zone Classic Act 4 level, which is a 3-boss rush level based on the first half of Egg Gauntlet Zone (Sonic 2 2013)
   The new build was submitted to this year's Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 and won a few trophies! The community, judges, and media panel enjoyed the game while playing and streaming the new build. Thank you everybody for judging and voting the game; winning a few trophies this year was both an honor and a surprise!
  • Hexadecimal Trophy (Community, Honorable Mention)
  • Hexadecimal Trophy (Judged)
  • Spinball Trophy (Judged)
  • Spinball Trophy (Community)

SHC23 Entry

   The build was also featured at the annual Bitbridge Halloween Showcase 2023 in Pittsburgh, on real Sega 32x hardware and on my EverDrive MD v3 flash cartridge. The public had fun having Halloween candy, dressing up in costumes, and testing out the local Indie gamedev scene's video games.

   Mega Cat Studios
was there and showcased their new Indie game, Wrestle Quest, on Steam Deck. It was nice running into and catching up with my former boss and manager at their booth. Mega Cat Studios is an awesome retro game studio, making new games for retro video game consoles (Sega Genesis, Super Nintendo, and others) and new Indie games for modern platforms. I highly recommend checking them out, following them on social media, and supporting them with the new Wrestle Quest game release on Steam/Nintendo Switch!

Knuckles' Clackers booth at the
Bitbridge Halloween Showcase 2023

Sega Genesis homebrew booths of a friend and I.
I'm on the left, in an Eagle costume

Changelog (v0.2c Demo):

  • v0.2c Demo
    • Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 demo update HOTFIX (09/25/2023)
    • Fixed a game breaking bug with TTZ4/Egg Gauntlet zone boss triggers and partner death in 2P mode
      • If in 2P mode, player 1 dies, and the 2nd player reaches a boss trigger in TTZ4/Egg Gauntlet Zone, he will be called towards the dead player 1 (out-of-bounds) from the boss arena.
      • This bug leads to a soft lock
      • This bug also causes a ghostly, transparent second Espio to appear in Isolated Island (Intro) act 0 on a new save game
      • Both bugs fixed!

  • v0.2b
    • Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 build (update week, 09/25/2023)
    • Implemented new Death Egg Zone (Sonic 2 port) song for TTZ Act 4 level
    • Implemented lava palette cycling for TTZ Act 4 level
    • Changed graphics for TTZ4 projector screen blocks/tiles (AAZ mini/boss)
    • Fixed crashes near lava section and from backtracking in TTZ Act 4 (simpler 32x sprite object placement)
    • Added more right one-way doors in TTZ Act 4, modified level layout for doors
    • Improved object positioning for TTZ Act 4 level
    • Improved collision for quarter pipe launch off chunks
    • Replaced a quarter pipe chunk with an alternate chunk to hide Sega 32x sprite loop spritemasker in floor (TTZ Act 3)
    • Fixed bug with Shrink powerup effect instantaneously becoming undone

  • v0.2a
    • Summary
      • Sonic Hacking Contest 2023 demo (09/16/2023)
      • New Egg Gauntlet Zone part 1 level (Techno Tower Zone Classic Act 4, from Sonic 2 2013 mobile)
      • Implemented engine changes to allow for multiple bosses within an act (boss rush mode)
    • New Music
      • Hidden Palace Zone (Sonic 2)
        • For Proto Palace Zone
      • Sonic 2 Club Mix (Sonic 2 beta)
        • For Speed Slider Zone Classic
        • Credits to LordXernon/DJ Error for permission to port these to Chaotix
      • Imported Splash (HyperDimension Neptunia Re;birth 1) song
        • For TTZC/other bosses
IPS download patch available (v0.2c) at the

(Older video of Techno Tower Zone Act 4)

Stay tuned for more Chaotix research and Knuckles Clackers' development

- GenesisDoes

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