Knuckles' Clackers: v0.11b demo release!

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 Knuckles' Clackers: v0.11b demo release

    A new build of Knuckles' Clackers has been released (v0.11b demo)! Knuckles' Clackers is a major Knuckles' Chaotix ROM hack for the almighty Sega Genesis 32x. The game mod features new zones, new music, new artwork, code edits, engine bugfixes, and restored Knuckles' Chaotix/Sonic Crackers beta content.

    Build v0.11b demo is an update from the v0.1a Demo. It still features the same 3 acts of Techno Tower zone and the Tutorial Zone, but has more polish, including new music, new SFX and PWM samples, new artwork, and other code edits.

Changelog (v0.11b Demo):
  • Artwork edits
    • Menus
      • New Title Screen road palette/cycle
      • New 8x8 menu font
      • Final Fantasy 6 SNES font
        • Tri-color           

    • New Menu Background artwork
      • Purple background oval
      • Sega Neptune console logo
      • Neptune logo (HyperDimension Neptunia)

    • Sprites
      • New Genesis/32x level icon sprites
        • SSZC (Speed Slider Zone Classic)       
        • TTZC (Techno Tower Zone Classic)       
        • Level icons for Data Load menu (Genesis sprites)
        • Level icons for HUB level status screen (32x sprites)
      • Level edits
        • Final boss edits
          • Blue Metal Sonic Kai Genesis/32x palettes
          • Green boss arena (32x polygon palette)           
        • Techno Tower Zone Classic
          • New tiles, blocks, and chunks for loop sections
          • Better chunk artwork for player 32x sprite prioirty to go "behind" loop sections

  • Audio edits
    • SFX
      • Combine Ring powerup SFX (SFX $3E, Sonic CD port)
      • Shrink powerup SFX edit (SFX $59, Sonic CD port)
      • Grow powerup SFX edit (SFX $5A, Sonic CD port)
      • Dash SFX edit (SFX $5B, Sonic CD port)
      • Jump SFX edit (SFX $5F, port of PSG Jump from S3K)

    • PWM
      • Bugfixes to removal looping electrical buzz noise from PWM samples
      • New Orch Hit PWM Samples
        • Sample IDs $9F-$A2
  • Code edits
    • Disabled autoDemos
    • Modified Intro cutscene with sound effects
    • Unrestricted Character Select menu (can select duplicate players in 2P menu for Training)
    • Engine bugfixes
      • Removed ring cap from both levels and Bonus Stage (now > 255 rings)
      • Bugfix for 1 second timing for Bonus Stage ring drain countdown
      • Save/Restore the level timer when entering/exiting the Bonus Stage
        • Prevents issues with time up gameover


IPS download patch availabe (v0.11b) at the

Stay tuned for more Chaotix research and Knuckles Clackers' development

- GenesisDoes


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