Knuckles' Clackers: Project and v0.1a demo release

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Knuckles' Clackers: Project and v0.1a demo release

    Since Fall of 2019, EagleSoft Ltd has been working on a Knuckles Chaotix ROM hack for the Sega 32x addon privately called Knuckles' Clackers. Other than a few minor ROM hacks and one with a custom engine based on Chaotix (Sonic 4: Cybernetic Outbreak), Knuckles' Chaotix has had very few major hacks made for it. Although disassemblies of the game's code exist (M68k, SH-2, Z80 code), they are IDA Pro databases used for reference, not fully documented, and are not a split disassembly that can be rebuilt. Some research about how this game works has had information spread out throughout the internet, and isn't well documented or had most of its information consolidated into one place.
    Knuckles' Clackers aims to be one of the 1st fully-fledged Chaotix ROM hacks. During development, I am further documenting, annotating, and simplifying the old IDA disassemblies of the game's code for research. Development is currently being done using SonED2 and extended ROMulan scripts to modify game data and code.
    The ROM hack features some ports of Sonic Crackers beta zones (Techno Tower, Speed Slider), new SMPS32x music, new Sega 32x sprite artwork, restored beta content, and many other features.

Summary of features:
  • New levels
    • Ports and edits of beta Techno Tower and Speed Slider Zones layouts and assets from Sonic Crackers
    • New zones
  • New music
  • New artwork
    • Genesis tilemaps, sprites
    • 32x sprite artwork
    • Genesis/32x palettes and palette cycling
    • Genesis animated level art
  • Assembly code edits where possible/necessary
  • Some restored/recreated Chaotix beta content

    An early v0.1 demo of Knuckles' Clackers has been released for the Sega 32x, as part of 2021's BitBridge Halloween Showcase. Available here as an IPS patch.
    It features acts 1-3 of Techno Tower Zone Classic, new SMPS32x music, and art edits.

    Stay tuned for more Chaotix research and Knuckles Clackers' development

    - GenesisDoes


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