EagleSoft Ltd. v2.0 Soft-Launch!

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EagleSoft Ltd. v2.0a Soft-Launch!

    For those unaware of recent events within the tech industry and Google, in August 2020, Google announced that all Google Sites websites would be required to transition to their New Google Sites system by September 1st, 2021. Prior to this, in 2016 an updated Google Sites experience was deployed, and an announcement in 2017 was sent out that the previous 2016 Google Sites system (now referred to as "Classic Google Sites") would be replaced soon. In August 2020, details on the transition to New Google Sites was released. Full details below in the email screenshot.

   EagleSoft Ltd. is a Google Sites website with a custom URL. This blog (EagleSoft Labs) in turn is a Blogger blog, with a subdomain of "blog" nested under the primary domain. EagleSoft Ltd. is a Google Sites website; therefore, it was required to migrate it to the New Google Sites system.

A wave of migrating crows Classic Google Sites websites for the Fall

    Although I had a year's worth of notice about the transition deadline, in typical Engineering fashion, I procrastinated until 2 weeks before the Sept 1st 2021 deadline to do the migration 😐. The 1st week was just a single day of auto-converting the website to the New Google Sites system, followed by some more procrastination and finally tweaking and editing around the new website in the web builder interface a week before.

     Apparently the New Google Sites system is too simple, too concise, too barebones, and is more tailored to say, Bloggers creating simple websites, not beautiful ones like the old EagleSoft Ltd v1.0 site was. The New Google Sites system lacks some of the great features that Classic Sites did, and is too barebones for power users such as myself. Armed with the knowledge about the New Google Sites regressions from some colleagues, I quickly plowed through a few late nights of work fixing up and reformatting the site to work in time before the deadline.

Thwimp v1.2.0.1 update!

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Thwimp v1.2.0.1 Update!

    Almost a year since the v1.2 release, Thwimp, the modification utility which allows one to view, to rip, and to encode Nintendo THP video files from/for Mario Kart Wii, has been updated to v1.2.0.1 today!
    This is a minor update to the original v1.2 build with internal code changes and bugfixes. It contains some bugfixes for some application-breaking issues related to parsing and displaying of Single datatypes on foreign machines within the application.  
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed various cultural issues that would cause the application to break when processing THP videos and to display wrongly formatted data on foreign machines
  • Enforced invariant culture for the bugfixes to parse and to display Single datatype values properly
  • Added more input validation within the THP Viewer/Ripper sections
  • Fixed a coding typo of handling the video end frame value as a Single datatype instead of as a UShort in the THP Viewer/Ripper section 


  • Added a notification MsgBox on successful save of the application's log file 
  • Updated default "Elevator Music" (song.wav) include with application to final version of Mario Kart Wii Menu SMPS32x song from my own WIP Knuckles Clackers game mod
  • Updated copyright date to ©2021
    • GNU FOSS license of source code
    • Manual
    • Application build data

New Elevator Music song

   Download and full changelog available on the releases page



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