Thwimp v1.2.0.1 update!

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Thwimp v1.2.0.1 Update!

    Almost a year since the v1.2 release, Thwimp, the modification utility which allows one to view, to rip, and to encode Nintendo THP video files from/for Mario Kart Wii, has been updated to v1.2.0.1 today!
    This is a minor update to the original v1.2 build with internal code changes and bugfixes. It contains some bugfixes for some application-breaking issues related to parsing and displaying of Single datatypes on foreign machines within the application.  
Bug fixes:
  • Fixed various cultural issues that would cause the application to break when processing THP videos and to display wrongly formatted data on foreign machines
  • Enforced invariant culture for the bugfixes to parse and to display Single datatype values properly
  • Added more input validation within the THP Viewer/Ripper sections
  • Fixed a coding typo of handling the video end frame value as a Single datatype instead of as a UShort in the THP Viewer/Ripper section 


  • Added a notification MsgBox on successful save of the application's log file 
  • Updated default "Elevator Music" (song.wav) include with application to final version of Mario Kart Wii Menu SMPS32x song from my own WIP Knuckles Clackers game mod
  • Updated copyright date to ©2021
    • GNU FOSS license of source code
    • Manual
    • Application build data

New Elevator Music song

   Download and full changelog available on the releases page




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