Colonial Combat: Release (Phases II & III)

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Colonial Combat: Release (Phases  II & III)

   In a past post, I detailed out a 3-phase plan for the release of Colonial Combat, a satirical fighting video game about surviving college, graduating, and not flunking out of college as a dead, bankrupt hobo. This project was a senior project for an Integrated Engineering Design class, where I decided to make this video game. It was an unfinished tech demo of a video game from a colleague. Phase I of the release (which occurred on 08/29/16), was the v1.0 release of Colonial Combat, after a year of development. About a month later, a v1.1 bug fix release was also made, in order to prepare the game for SAGE 2016. Phase II was going to be an Android port of the game, while Phase III was going to be a source code release.

   The Android port turned out to be harder than expected to develop, due to issues with controls and random crashing, having to deal with streaming assets to get the FMVs to play correctly, and having to run my builds on the slow Android emulator on my PC. I was also worried that I could get in copyright or legal troubles if (big IF) the game would actually get approved and onto the Google Play store, due to being lazy and using a lot of copyrighted images, sound effects, music, and college branding. The game was meant to be a freeware game, with no plans of commercial release, due to these issues.

  Being tired of working on this game and not wanting to torture myself more with this project, I cancelled the Android port, and have just decided to release the entire source code of the game, which can be found on the project page. Programmers might be able to get a Android port to work with some tweaking. The source code is GPLv3 licensed, and can be used by people to learn how to make a 2D fighting game in Unity3D. There are still a few game breaking bugs, including a race condition that can still happen when entering a match and prevent the players from loading, but otherwise, is good enough for a release. Included in the release is the source code, source assets, source material and mods for creating the 3D Movie Maker files, and even the technical documents and presentation materials from IED class.

    Will there be a future sequel to this game? I don't know. I was thinking about making a Colonial Combat trilogy, with a sequel ("Colonial Combat 2: Junior Year") with more levels and more college misadventures, and a final game, "Colonial Combat 3: Billageddon", detailing the struggles I went through in Senior year, leading to the development of Colonial Combat, and my quest to get hired at a  local video game development studio.

(That glorious moment at the end of the final presentation for IED,
which was my last final exam ever before graduation)

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