UAHDX Progress #3: Menus & Graphics

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UAHDX Progress #3: Menus & Graphics
Much has happened in the last month with video game development of Ultra Air Hockey DX.
In Fundamentals of Software Engineering class (which is the university class for which are creating this game for a grade, as well as for EagleSoft Ltd to sell the game and create our first Indie video game title), we created a Software Requirements Statement (SRS) for the game, and classmate Joshua and I have pinned down the main functionality of the game. Furthermore, we have now formally begun development of the game, officially!
    For our 1st week of formal development, we have created the menus for the game, finalized game assets, and fixed textures on all 3D models. You can look at the 3D models on the new models page on the EagleSoft Ltd website, which are 3DPDF files. Furthermore, you can check out the amazing menus in the video below. The GUI has been finalized, but implementation of the options screen actually change game variables and showing message per category and item still need to be implemented. Also, animated gifs of the intro FMVs need fixed.
C&CC welcomed!
More progress to be shown as work is done!


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