UAH (Sega, Redux) Progress: Paddle Movement

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Ultra Air Hockey (Sega, Redux)
Paddle movement!

      After days of arduous experimentation, debugging, SGDK discovery, forum chats, and sweat, managed to get some more progress done on the redux of the Ultra Air Hockey Sega ports with SGDK. Managed to implement the following:

  • Implemented flying eagle sprite for intro FMV
  • Added game initialization code
  • Added paddle movement
    • A-button to change speed within current speed set
    • 8-directions of movement 
  • Implemented British announcer guy
  • Added HUD
    • Displays scores
  • Added Debug stats and features
    • Display of FPS
    • Display of free memory
    • Paddle stats
      • x and y coordinates
      • dx and dy values (change in x and y)
      • velocity value, current speed index, angle
    • Announcer guy test
      • X button to speak score
      • Y button to increase blue paddle's score
      • Z button to increase red paddle's score
Below is a video showing off
the improvement and progress so far

   Although there are a lot of bugs at the moment and features coded in but not tested nor utilized yet, progress is going smoothly. Paddle movement runs consistently between a smooth 50 to 60 FPS. A few coding hiccups occurred with sprite management and with paddle movement, but most of them have been ironed out. Next development milestone and preview should have collision detection (and bug fixes) :)!


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