SAGE Returns (for real)!

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SAGE Returns (for real)!

   As mentioned many months ago in this and that EagleSoft Labs blog post, Demo #3 of Sonic CD Breakout was originally slated to be entered into SAGE 2015 Act 2. SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is an annual event hosted by the Sonic Community at Sonic Retro to showcase various community members' Sonic the Hedgehog and non-Sonic the Hedgehog related fan/indie games. Unfortunately, SAGE 2015 act 2, originally slated to be from December 18-24 2015, was postponed to Spring, and then never happened. Fortunately, SAGE is back for 2016, specifically from October 15th through October 22nd, 2016! You can read all about the event's details at Sonic Retro's post

  With the new date/event, Sonic CD Breakout Demo #3 is being resubmitted for the event, and Colonial Combat is being submitted too as booths! These booths should help in bringing in public exposure to EagleSoft Ltd projects (something which, I admit, has always seemed to be lacking here). This is EagleSoft Ltd's first time in participating in some type of Indie game convention (albeit online), and I do plan for more of this type of thing in the future as EagleSoft Ltd grows.

Catch everybody at the event (online) this October! Looking forward to all of the fun fangames that will be there!



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