SAGE 2016 is here!

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SAGE 2016 (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) is here!

   After being cancelled for 2015, SAGE (the Sonic Amateur Games Expo) has arrived for 2016 at their website! (SAGE 2016 info here). It is an annual, online convention where members of the Sonic fan community showcase their Sonic the Hedgehog and other personal indie video game projects for public exposure.

   EagleSoft Ltd has submitted both Colonial Combat v1.1 and Sonic CD Breakout Demo #3 as booths. There are also a lot of other fun fangames there for download and play (approximately 54 entries this year), and there will be gameplay streams of the event's booths and many other fun activities during the event (Oct 15-22 2016). If you are bored this week, go play some fun Sonic fan and other indie games, or join the streaming and other festivities this week!

-Tamkis (aka GenesisDoes)


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