Socket the Hedgeduck: Future Zone/other progress

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Socket the Hedgeduck: Future Zone/other progress

    Things got kinda busy and hectic in the final months of 2016, with the Sonic Hacking Contest 2016 event last year, v0.3 demo release of Socket the Hedgeduck, and submitting both Sonic CD Breakout Demo #3 and Colonial Combat to SAGE 2016, and of course, Real Life™. I didn't win any community or judge trophies for the SHC16 (at one point I was in 4th place for music and art IIRC for community votes, but then I dropped below 5th place for them), but it was fun, although many people in the Sonic community thought this year's iteration of the event was quite lackluster in term of quality and fun hacks.

   Due to the busyness, I forgot to blog about post-contest updates on Socket the Hedgeduck! Recently, Future Zone was worked on, and is nearly complete, minus porting over the S3K reverse gravity gimmick. There are a few fun interesting gimmicks in this zone, including a ported over/modified S2 CNZ snail block object, horizontal and vertical crushers, low-gravity magnet blocks, and soon a reverse gravity bridge. A few more quality SMPS covers were created for the bosses (for the extended playlist), the bosses were recreated for Emerald Forest Zone and Treasure Castle Zone, and the Fence Bonus Zone was greatly improved with a proper dual-layer system.


 Overall, progress is continuing on this hack, and it's getting closer to completion. Stay tuned for more updates on Socket the Hedgeduck, and for new stuff coming in 2017!



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