Ultra Air Hockey DX Source Code release!

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Ultra Air Hockey DX
Source Code release!

 When Ultra Air Hockey DX v1.0 was released way back in February 2015 after completing Fundamentals of Software Engineering class in the Fall semester of 2014 at RMU, I had plans to eventually port the game to Android, and to then try to publish the game on Steam with achievements and online multiplayer. The Android port eventually surfaced in a v1.1 patch of the game in summer of 2015. However, due to many years passing since then and working on many other projects (including many now in an official video game development job with a company) and not having time for an online-multiplayer release, I am releasing the source code for the game today.

   In order to get the game on Steam, I would have to create original music (the music used in-game were module music from ModArchive.org, since the game was originally freeware), as well as figure out online multiplayer and Steam Achievements. This coupled with the fact that I would have to greatly refactor the game's code for online multiplayer and due to the fact the game was created with an ancient version of Unity (3.x or 4.x if I remember correctly), I am releasing the source code, as well as the game's documentation from Fundamentals of Software Engineering class. Everything is open sourced with a GPL License, and is free for people to use as per the license. Downloads available on the project page.




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