Coffee Crisis Release (PC, XBox One)

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Coffee Crisis Release (PC, XBox One)!

   Many people might have been wondering why EagleSoft Ltd hasn't been as active lately since about 2017. The real reason has mostly been life, and starting a new job as full-time Indie video game developer at Mega Cat Studios! Mega Cat Studios is a local Pittsburgh company, that creates Indie video games for modern and retro platforms (such as for Sega Genesis, NES, SNES, and others).

  From 2017 to mid-2018, I was developing for the company the port of Coffee Crisis to next-gen platforms (PC on Steam, and Xbox One) as lead developer, while collaborating with our other teammates. Coffee Crisis is a retro, 2D side-scrolling fighter game, similar to Streets of Rage. The Smurglian alien race has come to Earth and they’re not leaving until they steal our four most prized commodities: metal music, the best coffee, cat videos, and all the WiFi. Challenge them through unique and innovative levels inspired by real-life areas in Pittsburgh, PA. Join Black Forge Coffeehouse baristas Nick and Ashley, two galaxy gladiators called to arms to stop this madness and remove the Smurglian threat from Earth. The Smurglians can have the cat videos… but if you don’t help our heroes fend off against the alien-assimilated elderly, bros, cowgirls, and country western singers, who knows what could happen!

  The game features 1P and 2P local Co-op, 2 different players (Nick and Ashley), weapons, many fighting moves, powerups, and much more! These ports not only contained the content of the original game, but new enemy types, tons of visual-eye candy, Finish Them Zone modifiers, new bosses, new levels, and tons of improvements over the original game. After a year of many development twists, turns, technical difficulties, and collaborative teamwork, the development team and I at Mega Cat Studios have finally released Coffee Crisis, both for PC on Steam for more recently for XBox One!

  You can learn more about the game at Mega Cat Studio's Coffee Crisis webpage. The PC version (including a demo) can be purchased/tried at the Steam store page, the soundtrack at the Steam DLC page, and the Xbox One version at the Microsoft Store. The original game for the almighty Sega Genesis can be purchased at Mega Cat's storepage (NTSC version, PAL version), or users can try out a demo in a Sega Genesis emulator. Having a personal Coffee Crisis? Try some Coffee Crisis coffee!

   Stay tuned for official news on progress for other Mega Cat Studio games at their website! The EagleSoft Ltd portfolio webpage (and softography pages) have been updated with info on the release. Both will be updated with other projects I work on at Mega Cat Studios, as games get completed, as much as NDA will allow me to.

-MrTamkis (aka "Eagle")


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