Thwimp v1.1 Update!

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Thwimp v1.1 Update!

 Thwimp, the modification utility which allows one to view, to rip, and to encode Nintendo THP video files from/for Mario Kart Wii, has been updated to v1.1 today!

   This new update fixes a few bugs from the initial release (proper framerate not being applied to newly encoded THP video files, and improper ripping of the control BMP frames from battle_cup_select.thp), as well as refactors the THP Viewer/Ripping section! When cropping THP videos for ripping, users can now click radio buttons to select a subvideo cell to crop to. The section now includes a start/end frame field, for selecting a time period at which to clip the video to. A numeric up/down control has been added to select from which multiplicity time period for ripping subvideo frames from. Furthermore, the user's manual (on the Github page) has been updated with images, better spelling/grammar, and updates. Most importantly, an article for the application has been added to the Mario Kart Wiiki!

 You can view the changes with the THP Viewer/Ripper in this update video.

  I had been holding off on writing a MKWiiki article for the application until this v1.1 update was released. This application was quite challenging to write, due to the idiosyncrocies involved with the command line params for FFMPEG. I'm quite pleased with how this application turned out. Hopefully MKWii modders will find it quite useful for creating new THP videos for their menu-based THP files!

  You can download the application either from the Wiiki article, the Thwimp webpage, or get the source code from the Github page.




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