How to copy file paths

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       The Windows Explorer application built into Windows 7 is a very powerful, file managing tool. With the ability to easily copy, move, edit, and manage thousands of file, this program is an essential component of all of the Windows OSes. Sometimes, the user may need to copy the file paths and names of a list of files. How does one do this easily?

How to copy file paths:

     One easy, but little known, way to do this is by shift clicking a list of files. The difference between ctrl clicking a list of files and shift clicking a list of files is that the user will have to individually click all of the files he wants to select. With shift-clicking, however, all of the files listed in between two files will be selected. After pressing ctrl, and then shift-clicking said file range, right click, and a a new context menu titled "Copy as path" will appear in the shortcut list. Click the context menu item, and then paste the clipboard contents into your favorite text editor! It's that simple!


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