Sonic CD Breakout

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What is Sonic CD Breakout?

Sonic CD Breakout is a PC fan game developed by me. It is a level set for an old breakout game called Break GOLD!, by Kjell Anderson. The game utilizes a Frankenstein of an Motorola 68k virtual machine and M68k scripts to make things work, and the author created a Level editor for the game, which is included with the full-version of the game. The Sonic CD Breakout level set is, obviously, themed around Sonic CD, a Sonic game made for an add-on for the Sega Genesis known as the Sega CD. It is a fan game which I started over summer 2009, but have worked on sporadically due to high school and now college life. Still, it is a fan game which I am quickly trying to finish. In future posts, I will document and give announcements about its development.
Metal Sonic race, from Sonic CD
Vanilla BreakGOLD Engine
A Model 2 Sega CD unit


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