Sonic CD Breakout, Demo #2, RELEASED!

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Ho ho ho! Finally! It's here, DEMO #2 of Sonic CD Breakout, just in time for Christmas 2013!

      Due to SAGE (Sonic Amateur Games Expo) 2013 not happening this year, and due to lack of leisure time recently for working on this due to real world things like college, I decided that I should release a demo instead of just sitting on the game. Don't know what Sonic CD Breakout is? It's a Sonic fan game, which is a Sonic CD themed breakout clone, using the BreakGOLD game engine. For more information about the fan game project, see this page. The latest demo can always be downloaded from that page. READ the readme in order to learn how to install the game, because some "assembly" is required.

I am hoping to get a third demo made for Act 1 of SAGE 2014; if not by then, then for Act 2 of SAGE 2014.

Demo #2 Release Video

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  1. Amazing!

    I found this fan mod of Break GOLD and I must say that I'm impressed that you actually learnt how to make levels in my obscure level editor for the game. I can see that you have heavily modded the entire game out of recognition of what it once was, and I love it!

    Keep up your experimental spirit!

    I dare you to make an equally impressive mod using our Demorize Digital Signage software, . You know that you can program it using Lua scripting... ;)

    / Kjell
    - coder of Break GOLD


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