Rennovations complete!

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Rennovations Complete!
   A good friend of mine from Robert Morris University, named Grant Miller II, and I have been working with each in other this summer in order to help me clean up my social media, so that I can prepare for internship mode during the next academic year. I am a Software Engineer major, with dreams and aspirations to create video games in the future, or to create business applications. One of the requirements for graduation is to do a for-credit software engineering internship. In order to maximize my exposure and online/professional presence, I have created various social media throughout the years in order to prepare for the fateful day that I would have to find an internship or real job.

RMU University Logo

      During Summer of 2012, before enrolling into the university as a community college transfer student, I replaced my deprecated software engineering hobby site, the ProgLog at, with a new Google Sites, called EagleSoft Ltd. The older site, which was coded by hand in HTML, became too cumbersome to maintain, and the host site ( was beginning to break in my primary web browser. The new site is to serve as my depository for my software engineering projects, and to act as my software engineering portfolio website. Unfortunately, I went overboard with the original content on the site, and the site was poorly structured in terms of design.

   During my first year during the 2013-2014 academic year at Robert Morris University, I finally met some supportive and honest new friends, including Grant Miller, through the Epsilon Tau Pi fraternity on campus. One year later from the original launch of EagleSoft Ltd, during this summer of 2014, Grant Miller and I finally redesigned the theme, structure, and content of EagleSoft Ltd, so that the site could be professionally presentable to employers.

Current appearance of EagleSoft Ltd

  Not only did I create a website (The ProgLog) in the past, but I also had a corresponding blog called T's Geekware. Unfortunately, I posted poor quality content on that blog, and it also was removed when the Tripod account was removed for the older ProgLog website. During summer of 2013, I created a new blog to complement EagleSoft Ltd, called EagleSoft Labs. This blog, too, was somewhat poorly designed in terms of style; however, it had (and still has) better content. One year later, during this summer of 2014, Grant Miller and I redesigned the blog.

   The blog now has a simple blue and black theme, which is similar in style to EagleSoft Ltd, a blog archive, a blog label list, an about me page, and a Google+1 button. Also, the text fonts, and general style and appearance have been greatly improved, for professional appearances. Furthermore, the micro blog at the EagleSoft Ltd website, which was used to post news, has been moved/integrated to use a news feed from this blog. Lastly, I have created in the past a LinkedIn page for showing employers my technical skills and expertise. This too was reorganized and great improved by Grant Miller II and I.

  Now with a greater improved appearance, better content, and general overall better organization at my website, blog, and LinkedIn profile, it is my hope that you, either a reader or potential employer, like the new changes, and will enjoy yours visit to my media better.

How do you like the new changes? And what could be improved? Post your suggestions and concerns in the comments below!

Thank you for supporting and visiting EagleSoft Ltd, EagleSoft Labs, and my LinkedIn profile!

Anthony Kinest
Founder of EagleSoft Ltd


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