An Update

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An Update

   During the past week, I have added a Music page under Sega Genesis/CD/32x, which features various VGM chiptune files that I created throughout the years. Also added under the same category are an in-progress page for the Sega Genesis/CD ports of Ultra Air Hockey, an in-progress page for the BasiEgaXorz port of TerryRitchie's SpriteLibrary (called GSpriteLibrary), and more links added to the Link & Friends page. Furthermore, some updates have been made to the Sonic CD Breakout pages.

  Also, I have made some progress with creating GSpriteLibrary, developing the Sega ports of Ultra Air Hockey, and in scripting Sonic CD Breakout. More information and media to be unveiled in a future blog post soon!

--Founder of EagleSoft Ltd


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