Progress on Ultra Air Hockey (Sega homebrew ports)

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Homebrew development for the Sega Genesis port of Ultra Air Hockey begins!
   Only a few months later after the original, PC version of Ultra Air Hockey was released in April, and development for the Sega Genesis/Sega CD ports of Ultra Air Hockey has already begun! The Sega Genesis port of the game is being written with BasiEgaXorz, a TinyBASIC compiler for the Sega Genesis/CD/32x. Graphics are being converted into the tile-based format that the Sega Genesis, music has been converted to the Echo Stream format, for use with the Echo Sound Engine, and sound effects are DAC converted versions of their .wav counterparts from the original/definitive PC version.
  So far, everything but the game play itself has been coded, and even then, there are some bugs to fix. Below is a video of progress so far, and a video of a test ROM showing the Echo Sound Engine in action. Game play should be coded within the following months, hopefully to be completed by the end of summer.
You can keep track of development at this blog, or as I upload media to the project's corresponding page, on my portfolio/project website.
Stay tuned for more developments!
-EagleSoft Ltd


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