Ultra Air Hockey (Sega): Game Engine Progress #1

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Ultra Air Hockey (Sega): Game Engine Progress #1

Over the past month of June, I've coded/ported some more of the Ultra Air Hockey game engine to the Sega Genesis. Things accomplished include adding my EagleSoft Ltd logo and a Sega Genesis 25th anniversary logo, fixing tabs and the display for the Credits screen and  converting most background graphics from uncompressed fullscreen mapping to tile-map based graphics. Also, for the Options screen, I fixed the On/Off options to work now, added song/sfx names, and added the EagleSoft Ltd PCM intro song.

As for the game engine itself, I've begun work on coding GSpriteLibrary, have added basic 8-direction player stick movement, added a simple powerup HUD, and added a pause screen. I've also implemented the announcer, which is tested via a debug test feature, and have implement collision box outlining and coordinate debug tracking.

Below is a video showing the progress!

Stay tuned for more progress in the coming months!
(If college/real life does not intervene too much, which it probably will.)


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