Ultra Air Hockey (Sega) VGM OST Released!

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Ultra Air Hockey (Sega) VGM OST
& Sega CD CDDA Released!
Over the last week, the OST for the Sega ports of my homebrew video game, Ultra Air Hockey, was finalized and mastered! Some songs underwent extensive revisions (some up to 9), and SMPS voices were swapped out for better ones. SMPS voices that were tinny or not playing correctly, due to too much TL or problems with XM coordination flags, were fixed.
Below is a video to listen to a preview of the finalized music. The intro sequence song was also created, and the intro sequence of the game is now relatively in sync with it. Furthermore, I've created a VGM pack of the music from the Sega Genesis, so that you can listen into your favorite VGM player. I also have finalized the Sega CD CDDA OST, although no work on the Sega CD port has occurred yet. Both are available at my Sega Genesis/CD/32x music page :).
Tentative digital and physical release of the game is either Thanksgiving 2014 or Christmas 2014. The Sega Genesis port will be released as both a ROM download and as a physical repro cartridge for sale. The future Sega CD port will be released as both an ISO and as a physical CD for sale.

Due to university life booting up again, I will have much LESS time to develop the game; but I'll try to work on it as I can. No promise on the release dates, however.



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