More Site Updates

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More Site Updates
Over last August (August 2014), I made some minor updates to the EagleSoft Ltd website:
  • Added 2 new site sections
    • Shop
      • Will be a shopping page, in order to purchase video game projects that I will be publishing in the near future :)
      • Under-construction!
    • Unity3D
      • Added a section for future Unity3D Projects
      • For a Unity 3D project I am working on, and others
      • Under-construction!


  • Added 1 new page
    • Softography & DLs
      • Page shows all projects that are on the site, in one, easy spot
      • Shows platforms, title, current version, last release date, DLs, and supplemental items

  • Added more material
    • Ultra Air Hockey (PC)
      • Added pictures for
        • Pause screen
        • Credits screen
        • Multipuck powerup
        • Night powerup
    • Ultra Air Hockey (Sega)
      • Added pictures for
        • Difficulties
          • Easy
          • Medium
          • Hard
        • Pause screen



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