Future plans for EagleSoft Ltd

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Future plans for EagleSoft Ltd
Mid 2014-Early 2015
    Not to sound self-promoting or anything, but EagleSoft Ltd and I have big plans for the remainder of this year and for the beginning of next year!
    EagleSoft Ltd is officially and professionally going indie, with the company learning how to develop exciting, new, original, multiplayer, 3D, video games, using Unity3D! Unity3D is a high class, high quality, powerful, 3D Game engine, which can be scripted using C# and is multiplatform; see its official website for more details.
     We are currently working on several, for-sale, for-publish, indie video games, including the retro ports of Ultra Air Hockey (Standard Edition) to the Sega Genesis/CD, and an undisclosed Unity3D project. The Sega Genesis port of Ultra Air Hockey will be released as both a digital ROM download, and as a physical repro copy. The physical repro copy will be released as a cartridge with custom label, and with the option of having a case with manual. The Sega CD version will be released as both a digital ISO ROM, and as a physical CD. The physical CD will be released as either with CD label and a CD sleeve, or as a CD with image and DVD case with manual. Pricing for both pending.
   Furthermore, a university classmate ("Josh") and I are working on a Unity3D project for a class project. We are thinking about either doing a multiplatform, deluxe edition of Ultra Air Hockey in 3D and with online multiplayer, a 3D Asteroids clone, or a 3D clone of Scorched Earth.
More news about these exciting developments in the coming months!
-EagleSoft Ltd


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