BreakGOLD Editor v1.1 updated released!

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BreakGOLD Editor updated to v1.1!

The BreakGOLD Editor, an application which edits various aspects of the BreakGOLD game engine, has been updated to v1.1! What is new in this release is a plethora of features, including the ability to now rip all .raw sub images at once as .bmp, and the ability to rip the entire .raw image file (subimage included) into a .png spritesheet. Png spritesheets can be used in the Android version of the game. Also included is an audio editor, for splitting and convert audio file encodings, and a ROM editor, for directly editing some features of the game. More details on the website.

Video of v1.1 in action

The next version (hopefully v1.2) will have a button to automagically move a BreakGOLD PC total conversion to its Android counterpart!


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