EagleSoft Store Deployed!

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EagleSoft Store Deployed!

        For those whom have visited the EagleSoft Ltd website from Novemeber 2014 to February 2015, some may have noticed a new "Store" tab on the page's navigation bar; however, many were disappointed with the contents of the page:

   However, after finding some free time and after finishing the development of Ultra Air Hockey DX, I finally implemented The EagleSoft Store (See first picture)! The store is powered by PayPal, and payments can be done through PayPal either by using your own personal PayPal account or by using PayPal to safely and securely pay be debit/credit card. For products, the store consists of an image, a description, and an "Add to Cart" button. Items in the cart can be viewed by clicking the "View Cart" button.

   Digital products (such as downloads for games) will be sent via an email, which will either have the files attached directly to the email (if the size is small), or will contain a link to download the item (if the file is large). By keeping this email, customers can have lifetime access to their purchased digital products, and can download any updates to their purchased products as they appear. Although we currently only have one product (Ultra Air Hockey DX), more products shall appear in the future, potentially including physical products (such as repro carts for Sega Genesis homebrew games).

Test transaction to myself for a test download, showing the concept:

We hope you find interest in the store and our products, both present future, useful and entertaining!
 -Tamkis and EagleSoft Ltd


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