UAHDX v1.1 and Android ports in progress!

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UAHDX v1.1 and Android ports

   A v1.1 update of UAHDX (Ultra Air Hockey DX) is being created for PC/Mac/Linux, as well as a new port to Android KitKat! This updated version will fix some serious bugs, including poor flipper AI and flipper positioning in Pinball mode, fixing of the score digits upon gameover (they were at the wrong angle); the inability to use the pause, respawn paddle, and respawn puck cheats/features if powerups are disabled; the pinballs freezing their velocity upon first spawn, and improper paddle raycasting. It also obviously adds digital buttons for the controls in the Android version. No online multiplayer yet; it will be implemented in v1.2 (which will hopefully be the final major version.)

(All screenshots subject to change)

Init Screen

App icon

  Title Screen

 Air Hockey mode with Android buttons

Buttons from top-to-bottom and left-to-right:
Puck respawn, use powerup, respawn paddles,
rotate camera left, pause, rotate camera right

Left clicks are performed by tapping with one finger,
and right clicks are performed by holding one finger and tapping with another finger.
This controls powerup selection and left/right flipper flipping

Pinball Mode

Battle Mode

ETA is during Spring Break :)


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