Socket the Hedgeduck progress: BZLa

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Socket the Hedgeduck progress: BZLa

   Behind the scenes, a lot of work has gone into Socket the Hedgeduck since the blog announcement of the project and since the previous progress post. Most of these changes were adding additional SMPS conversions of video game songs, improving collision for TrCZ, DPCM compressing all DAC samples for the MegaPCM sound driver, various bug fixes, and other technical stuff. Most importantly, I've recently finished the Bonus Zone Lava (BZLa) acts, finally added a BG layer and palette cycling to OCZ, and added all of the zones to a 3-page level select. In the BZLa acts, you must hit the springs and invisible path swapper objects to traverse to the top of the sprial staircase, before the deadly lava-water rises and defeats you!

  Videos and pics below

 With BZLa created, all that is left is to fix a few big bug,
and a Demo #1 release of Socket the Hedgeduck should be released VERY soon!



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