Socket the Hedgeduck: V0.1 Demo Release!

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Socket the Hedgeduck: V0.1 Demo Release!

    After about 4 months of semi-sporadic development, a v0.1 Demo release of "Socket the Hedgeduck", (a ROM modification that is an unofficial port of Socket/Time Dominator assets (music, level layouts, art, objects, and more) to the Sonic the Hedgehog Engine) has been released! You can learn more about the modification, as well as download an IPS patch (with instructions), at the project page.

For demo release v0.1, the following levels are implemented:

  • TrCZ 1-3
  • OCZ 1-3 (and "4"/HSZ3)
  • BZL 1-3
  • BZF 1-2
  • BZC 1-3
  • BZLa 1-3
Level Select is enabled by default, due to the first zone not yet worked on yet. Music to be improved with better ports in the next demo release.



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