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    Currently, I am creating new video game, called Ultra Air Hockey. Ultra Air Hockey is the new and exciting, multi-platform, Air Hockey homebrew/indie video game, coming to your PC, Sega Genesis/Sega CD retro video game consoles, and Android (in the future)! The main copy of the game will be written in QB64GL for Windows PCs, and will utilize QB64's new commands, especially the multimedia commands. After game development is finished for the PC version, the game will be indirectly ported to the Sega Genesis/CD as homebrew software using BasiEgaXors.

Unlike the other boring Air Hockey video games out there, Ultra Air Hockey has various features that make it unique and fun, including:
  • Features
    • 1 and 2 Player modes
    • Difficulty settings
      • Each difficulty has a different length for goal
      • x3 difficulty settings per mode
        • Easy (small goal)
        • Medium (larger goal)
        • Hard (largest goal)
    • Powerups
      • Powerups are collectible by hitting powerup icons with hockey puck
      • Powerup is then kept in reserve until player uses it
      • x 9 powerups
        • Multi puck
        • Big stick
          • Makes your stick x3 bigger
        • Blockade
          • Puts a giant wall in the middle of the table!
        • Slowmo
        • Kill opponent
          • Opponent is taken out of the game until next goal
        • Swap places
        • Fastmo
        • Invisibility mode
          • Makes players invisible for a brief amount of time
        • Bumpers
          • Randomly places x7 bumpers on the table
          • Puck and sticks interact with them!
    • Graphics
    • Music
      • Public domain, classic .mod chiptunes
      • x16 Chiptunes
        • x3 for the difficulty modes
        • x7 for the powerups
        • x3 other
    • Sound effects
      • Realistic, original, exciting sound effects!
      • Creative Common sounds from Freesound.org
      • Announcer proclaimes
        • What the current score is
        • Who is winner
        • Other things
    • High quality, fun game, for family and friends!
Stay tuned on my blog for more updates on development for Ultra Air Hockey!


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