Progress on Ultra Air Hockey (PC)

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        Progress for the main/PC version of Ultra Air Hockey currently has been very rapid and exciting! Development of the main/PC version of the game started on January 08, 2014, and is still ongoing (as of the time of this writing, 02/26/14). Up to today, the title screen, main menu, options screen, main gameplay, and sfx/bgm have been coded in. Also, physics, powerups, and controls for player one have been created. Currently, the game is ~75% complete.

   What is left to do for the game is to create a credits screen; fix physics, graphical, and other bugs; create controls for a human player #2, and create AI for the CPU player #2. If everything goes according to plans, the PC version of the game should be complete by early April 2014... however, there are no guarantees on this date, as my University work is getting difficult and time consuming.

   Below is a YouTube video showing a PoC of the current development of the PC version of the Ultra Air Hockey video game. Enjoy! Please post your comments and suggestions for the game here. I am tired of having no audience/followers for my homebrew/indie software, and would like some intelligent human interaction!

   Stay tuned for more developments on Ultra Air Hockey!



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